Spirit of DIY Vol 1 CD


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Punk and Oi compilation from British label, Punkboot Promotions!

Featuring our song, “Going Nowhere Fast”.

1. 2Sevens- I can’t take it
2. Bastardes- Drunk on dreams
3. Billy Batts & The Made Men- Going nowhere fast
4. Blacklist- All for one
5. Brain dance- Where they belong
6. Buck Eejit- Never again
7. City Saints- Banditer
8. Crash Induction- Number one fan
9. Cuttin Edge- Only the strong survive
10. Filthy Filthy- Getting away with it
11. Foreign Legion- Start a war
12. Freedom Faction- What’s it all about
13. L.O.A.D.- Do or die
14. May Contain Nuts- Operation Cashpoint
15. Murdaball- You don’t know me
16. Nieviem- Monkey Tamer
17. Picture Frame Seduction- Maximum Rock n Roll
18. Perjury- On the run
19. Smeekered- Playing the victim card
20. Suckerpunch- Instagrudge (Live)
21. The Allergics- Corrupt politician
22. The Apparents- Working
23. The Fuck Ups- It’s all just lies
24. The Lousekateers- Cocktiel boy
25. The Sentence- Tears of Joy
26. The Two Step Goodbyes- Going blind
27. Zero Tolerance- Psycho